Data Analyst

A data analyst, also known as a data business analyst, is in charge of applying their understanding of data processing tools and business development techniques to help firm executives make wise business decisions. Their responsibilities include working with other data specialists to extract data figures, producing reports based on their discoveries, and keeping an eye on key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness of business activities.

DevOps & AWS

Working with the engineering team, the AWS Cloud/Devops Engineer will concentrate on AWS infrastructure and automation. In this position, promoting and leading infrastructure as code is a crucial responsibility. To design, maintain, and automate our AWS infrastructure, the Engineer will collaborate closely with the Manager of Operations and Devops.

Python Developer

Programmers with a focus on building server-side web application logic are known as Python developers. Their responsibility is to create, maintain, and implement application projects using the Python programming language. They assist front-end developers with application integration and link apps with outside web services.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails developers use the free and open-source programming language to create server-side web application logic. Rails' model view controller (MVC) framework provides the foundation for the logic. The responsibility for creating back-end components, integrating the application with web services, and assisting front-end developers falls to Ruby on Rails engineers.

DotNet Developer

DOTNET developers use the Microsoft DOTNET framework to produce attractive, useful software. As a result, DOTNET developers need to have exceptional graphic design abilities as well as advanced competency in at least one of the relevant coding languages.

Tableau Developer

A tableau developer creates computer system and data visualization solutions to improve business procedures. Tableau developers create tableau dashboard reports, collaborate with other developers, and attend feedback sessions to improve systems.

Mobile Development

Software is created by developers using programming languages and source code for mobile devices, often known as applications or iOS. Developer needs vary based on the business as developers may work with a variety of operating systems and programming languages. The method, existence, and construction of the software targeted at assisting users are all part of application development. Using languages like Java and C++, mobile developers collaborate closely with computer analysts and engineers to create the necessary software requirements. They frequently work with product and design teams and may also test, debug, and enhance programs for customers.


Developers of Node.js are multitasking IT specialists equipped to handle data transfer between the server and users. By integrating web-based apps, they assist front-end developers. At Turing, we provide Silicon Valley-caliber Node.js engineers on demand in addition to assisting you in creating the ideal job description for Node.js.


A complete JavaScript toolkit for creating user interfaces called React.js has revolutionized the way we approach front-end development. The open source community has taken a shine to React.js, and it is here to stay. However, extra care must be used when differentiating between competent JavaScript engineers and genuine experienced React.js developers due to the subtleties and peculiarities of React.js.


Developers of AngularJS are proficient JavaScript programmers who are also knowledgeable about some theoretical ideas in software engineering. Unlike some other JavaScript frameworks, AngularJS demands that developers follow a set of guidelines known as the "Angular way," which enables them to get the most out of the framework and create reliable, effective online apps. Because of this, developers must genuinely understand AngularJS completely and out in addition to being excellent JavaScript programmers.


Competent Systems is looking for an SSIS / SSRS Developer with a solid grasp of Data Warehousing / ETL strategy and best practices as well as the ability to create SSIS packages and SSRS reports. Excellent SQL and Performance Tuning skills are required.

The developer will work as a member of a high-performance business intelligence team and be totally responsible for developing and refining current data warehouse procedures, optimizing reporting, and enhancing data quality throughout the whole organization.

To walk through and comprehend current SSIS/ETL packages logically and independently, the applicant must be able to do so. It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of Microsoft SSIS / SSRS as well as a firm grasp of data management best practices. This applicant must pay close attention to detail and possess strong communication and problem-solving abilities. TSQL, stored procedures, functions, and packages must be mastered at a high level.


MSBI developers to work with the organization's Data Engineering team and outside suppliers. The best applicants should have experience creating vital line-of-business applications in a team setting utilizing Microsoft technologies, such as SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, and MDM.

C#, Visual Basic, .NET Framework

Utilizing the.NET framework, C# programmers create apps and programs for Windows-based operating systems. They mostly write code, create and design user interfaces, and maintain and debug client programs. They can receive training to become full-stack engineers or to focus on front-end or back-end coding.

Visual C++

A multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language is C++. C++ programmers frequently work on desktop and mobile apps as well as software that communicates with hardware and low-level system resources. Using the Android NDK and C++, developers may create native modules and apps for a variety of platforms, including Android. Since C++ is a challenging language to learn, developers must devote a lot of time to it.

QA Automation

QA automation engineers, sometimes referred to as quality assurance automation engineers, create automated tests to verify the functioning of online and mobile apps. They are responsible for designing the first test plans, writing the scripts, setting up the automated testing procedures, and reporting the test results.

Selenium, Automation Anywhere:

Accountable for maintaining the Selenium Framework by developing the scripting features required for automated tests. Additionally capable of performing the actual programming and upkeep for automation. Both scripting and test execution should be flexible.

UI / Front End Developer

Website design is the area of expertise for front end developers, who are computer programmers. The responsibilities of a front end developer include choosing the layout and structure of online pages, achieving a balance between functionality and aesthetics, and making sure web design is mobile-friendly.


The Cassandra NoSQL database management system, which manages enormous datasets of data, is used by Cassandra developers. Coding or testing scripts that carry out tasks like data cleansing, repairs, synchronization, and integration are typical duties.

Oracle Apps /Oracle Developer / DBA

Developers, implementers, and maintainers of Oracle databases are known as Oracle database administrators (Oracle DBAs). The most common enterprise IT database management system used by small to medium-sized organizations is Oracle. Implementing defined rules and procedures is the responsibility of Oracle DBAs in order to guarantee the security and integrity of the whole database.


The software program Informatica is required to handle each of the phases, such as extraction, transformation, and load procedures. It is a straightforward technology that many businesses utilize for a variety of tasks, including data management, data warehousing, data transfer, and integration. Thus, the duties of an informatica developer are crucial to the efficient administration of data and the development of systems that satisfy client and organizational needs. For this, a person has to have some training behind them so that the specified responsibilities may be completed successfully.