RJTECHGLOBAL Inc has a large base of consultants across a variety of disciplines throughout the country that have worked under our principals for many years.  This tremendous pool of talent allows us to find proven individuals who have a history with us, rather than using employment committees, third parties, etc. Our database continues to grow as our recruiters receive profiles of the latest skills and vertical industry needs of our sales organization, in addition to referrals of exceptional candidates from our existing consulting base.

Enterprises elect to bring offshore operations onshore or in-house for a number of reasons. While performance certainly can play a role, motivations also include strategic business reasons and a conviction that the business can perform the function better and more efficiently than the offshore service provider.

Many companies have looked off-shore to provide cost savings for some of their development, quality assurance and legacy application maintenance and support needs. RJTECHGLOBAL Inc has developed a model that not only allows our clients to enjoy a similar cost savings, but also provides them with a capability to incubate new IT talent for their organization that is already educated on their business environment, systems and technologies.

RJTECHGLOBAL Inc Recruiting and Consulting provides you with highly talented technical professionals who support long and short-term contract assignments, and we give you round-the-clock service to accelerate the recruitment process.

Our recruiters works client companies, building relationships in order to gain a better understanding of their recruitment needs and requirements.