Our consultants are familiar with all aspects of software development and have helped many enterprises to design, implementation and production support.

Digital Expansion: A digital growth strategy tackles all aspects of your brand’s online presence and examines improvements that can be made with the direct goal of growing your business. A digital growth strategy, when executed correctly, enhances website traffic, online inquiries and feeds your prospects through the digital sales funnel.

Mobile Apps: Unlike desktop applications, mobile applications are moving away from built-in software systems. Each mobile application offers a more isolated and limited functionality. RJTECHGLOBAL Inc. has the expertise to design and develop applications for organizations with expertise in the following fields.

IOS App Development
Android App Development
Hybrid App Development

E-Commerce: Business services cover all the technological requirements of an e-commerce company. As a software services provider, RJTECHGLOBAL offers a team of knowledgeable business consultants and professional coders to help our e-commerce customers with various business challenges and goals.

UI/UX development and support: RJTECHGLOBAL’s UI/UX development and support reinvent customer interactions in the new era with capabilities that address the application, mobile application. At RJTECHGLOBAL, we have the expertise to provide the finest work for –

UX Design Services
UI Development and Maintenance Services
UX Testing Services
UI/UX Maintenance Services

Data Analysis and Migration services:

At the core of the transformation is leveraging good platforms across data centers, cloud and edge. Develop the optimal platform strategy, execute migrations quickly and accurately, and consolidate data centers with our expert assistance.

Switching from one data centre to another, or to/from data centres and cloud platforms, is a major enterprise with many risks. Most companies can’t afford a lot of downtime, and no company wants to lose data while migrating.

At RJTECHGLOBAL, we have expertise with an average 10-year experience in data analytics and migration services.

ERP Services – SAP Implementation, Maintenance and Upgrade: The need for a solution to migrate ERP data has increased, especially in recent years. For server or storage hardware replacement, website consolidation, maintenance or upgrades, application migration, disaster recovery or data centre re-installation, Many organizations transfer data from one ERP application to another.

With the right tools and expertise, RJTECHGLOBAL team of experts creates a data migration plan that integrates with the overall implementation project plan.

Cloud Migration Services: Speed up your cloud transition and modernization process. AWS/Azure/Google provides a wide range of migration solutions to help migrate workloads from on-premises environments, hosting facilities or other public clouds. Choose from the transfer and modernization services of applications, websites, databases, storage, physical and virtual servers, or even entire data centres.

At RJTECHGLOBAL Inc., we help companies by providing the right solutions ahead of time, giving your company a competitive edge. We help you solve business challenges quickly and at a lower cost.

RJTECHGLOBAL has successfully helped numerous customers migrate from on-perm to cloud.